Q: What’s the course look like?
A: The course is now live on Trailforks. There will be 3 aid stations will be located on course at 30-40k intervals. As always, you must rely on your own navigation, and not flagging/marshals. Pre-ride and learn the course before race day and you won’t get lost.

Q: Why didn’t I receive an email?
A: We use mailchimp to send emails and it sometimes get dropped in your junk/spam folder. Please check this first before sending us an email.

Q: When can I pick up my race plate?
A: Pick up your race plate at Mr. Mikes, just off the highway on June 17 (7-9PM) and use your $10 gift card to grab a burger. Alternatively you can pick up your plate between 6:15-6:45AM June 18.

Q: What does my ticket include?
A: Official 2022 race plate and Merritt Crown entry
Admission to apres party
Apres race meal & drink
$10 Gift Card to Mr. Mikes Steakhouse
Free camping (subject to capacity)
A chance to win prizes from our amazing sponsors
Access to aid station snacks/refreshments
Access to child minding

Q: What are the rules?
A: Carry a cell phone - you must be reachable at all times in case of emergency.
Do not rely on signage/ribbons, you must have your own source of navigation.
Close all gates with signage stating gate to remain closed.
Slower riders must let faster riders pass.
Racers must pass through all required checkpoints.
Racers must pass aid station 3 before 5:00PM to fulfill the 12-hr time limit.

Q: How does the 12 hour time limit work?
A: The race starts at 7AM and all racers need to complete by 7PM to be eligible for prizes. After 5:00PM, all remaining racers will be cut off at the third aid station if they haven’t arrived yet. At this point racers will ride Mid Day Valley Road back to the finish line with a DNF or can be picked up by their own transportation. All racers who do not meet the 12 hour mark must self report a DNF or risk being barred from registering in future events.

Q: How does the relay work?
A: 4P - each racer rides 30-40k segments of the course. 2P - each racer rides ~60k. The first rider will start at 7AM and “pass the baton” to the next rider on course at the first aid station, and so on. The anchor (last rider) must leave or DNS by 4:30PM so that all racers are safely off course by 7PM. See relay sections and more info here. Each relay team member has their own plate and must pick up during set times (see above). Relay teams should decide who will race each section in advance and find their own transportation to/from the start/finish points. The start points are conveniently located at the aid stations and are all within 20km (driving) from the main start/finish line at Coutlee Plateau. Directions here.

Q: What’s at the aid stations?
A: Aid stations will have free drinks and snacks for all racers. There will also be basic tools and a first aid kit. Last year we had chips, chocolate bars, trail mix, fruit, juice, soda and water refills. While we strive to have a good variety of snacks, it’s recommended you also pack something you know your body will enjoy as a lunch.

Q: Can I bring my own snacks/drinks?
A: New this year, we are offering rider aid kit delivery! Drop-off boxes to collect and distribute rider-packed aid kits will be collected from the start line at 6:45AM. Your kit should be deposited inside a 12" Ziplock freezer bag with label on it. kits will be delivered to the 2nd and 3rd aid station for Crown riders only. This service is not offered to Relay of Half Crown racers.

Q: What should I pack?
A: Below is a list of other items we highly recommend you carry with you:

  • Cell phone (required)

  • Navigation device

  • Rain jacket

  • Toilet paper

  • Water bottles/pack (min. 1L)

  • Food/snacks

  • Tools, tubes, patches, etc.

  • Money & ID

  • First aid kit

  • Chamois butter

  • Bug spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Phone battery charger

    **NO GLASS at campsite**

Q: What’s the deal with camping?
A: **NO GLASS at campsite**
Expect “wilderness” camping conditions. Camping will be on a first come first served basis(for best spots), though there is plenty of room for everyone. No camping within a 10m buffer of the trail and no blocking access to others. The land is owned by the Crown (of Canada) and we need to cooperate with other land users so we can continue to race and camp up there. Transmountain will be doing work in the area and we are working with them to have a cooperative weekend.

Any racers may be asked to relocate nearby if they are blocking access. Camping Friday and Saturday nights is permitted, but we will only supply washrooms on the Saturday so come prepared. Any campers caught leaving garbage or causing a nuisance may be fined.

The campsite is located here, right at the start/finish line. It is 5 km southwest of town on Mid Day Valley Rd. Please access the furthest camping areas first and allow latecomers to fill in remaining spots closer to the road as they arrive. See map here.

As previously noted, we will only be supplying porta potties, no running water will be available so make sure you pack some water. Check in will be officially after 5PM on Friday, but there is plenty of space so don’t worry about rushing to get there.

Q: What time does this thing go down?
A: June 18
6:15AM - Race plate pickup - Coutlee Plateau
6:45AM - Announcements
7:00AM - Start Crown & Relay
7:15AM - Start Half Crown
~8:30AM - First racers expected at aid stn. 1
~10:30AM - First Half Crown finishers expected
~11:00AM - First racers expected at aid stn. 2
~12:45PM - First racers expected at aid stn. 3

1:30PM - Food truck opens
~2:30PM - First Crown/Relay finishers expected
4:00PM - Live band starts (1st set)
5:00PM - Aid station 3 closes - all remaining riders (DNF) diverted via Mid Day Valley Rd. to finish line
5:00PM - Awards start
6:00PM - Live band (2nd set)
~6:45PM - Last racer group ride-in
7:00PM - Prizes & band plays last set
8:00PM - Closing ceremonies

Q: What is the breakdown of costs for the ticket price?
A: Prizes 2%, Logistics 9%, Insurance 1%, Marketing 2%, Volunteer supplies 5%, Racer dinner 21%, CCN processing fees 8%, Community donation 53%.

Q: I ordered a jersey / riding shirt. When will I get it?
A: The jersey or riding shirt are meant to be picked up on race day, but alternative pick-up drop off can be requested by emailing merrittcrown@gmail.com with your order number.

Q: How does one register for the relay?
A: When registering, the first relay team member must select “New Relay” and choose a team name, after which she may register herself. She may also register other team members on their behalf. Alternatively each team member may register themselves by choosing “Join a Relay”.

Q: What should I do with my kids?
A: New this year we are offering child minding services for racers doing the half crown or relay. Child minding will take place at the start/finish area from 6:30AM to 1PM. Children should come prepared to play outside (sunscreen, hats, extra clothing/diapers) and have a pre-packed meal, drinks and snacks. You must register your kids in advance by emailing merrittcrown@gmail.com.

Q: Why should I buy my VIP ticket now?
A: You earned it - thanks for participating in 2021
Your 2022 spot is guaranteed until Jan 31
Save money

Q: Who is the VIP ticket valid for?
A: Only 2021 participants - any race length

Q: Did the passcode work?
A: If you entered the passcode, the discount was already applied. Entering the code again at checkout will just give you an error code.

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